Jail Operation Guidelines


 The Corrections Division of the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for processing and supervision of all arrested and incarcerated persons by the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office and all other law enforcement agencies operating in Benzie County. The Benzie County Jail Policies and Procedures have been established with the guidance of the Michigan Department of Corrections, Administrative Rules for Jails and Lock-ups as well as American Corrections Association, Standards for Adult Local Detention Facilities. The Benzie County Jail has been found to be in total compliance with the Administrative Rules continuously since 2000, with our most recent inspection being in 2022.   All of our agency's Correctional Staff are certified by the Michigan Sheriff’s Training and Coordinating Council.  Additionally, they are required to be re-certified annually with oversight by the MSCTC. 

Benzie Compliance Certificate LCOTS 2022

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