Corrections Division


To serve as a detention facility for lawfully incarcerated individuals.  To assure the public’s safety by securely maintaining the custody of these individuals in a secure and cost effective environment that is safe for both the inmates and staff.

Acknowledging that incarceration is, in and of itself, punishment, programs offered within the scope of this facility will strive to address the social, educational, and behavioral needs of the inmate.

Through the application of a behavior-based method of detention, by using and maintaining the highest possible staff recruitment standards and the continuous training of that staff, we will strive to create an environment that allows inmates to use their time incarcerated in a productive manner and prepare them for re-entry back into the public no worse physically, emotionally or psychologically than when they entered the facility.

We recognize that the Criminal Justice System is composed of many parts, and the mutual interactions of all the components of that system is essential for the system to be effectual.  We will work in cooperation with those systems to enable its effectiveness.

The administration and the staff are committed to the preservation of the Constitutional human rights of all inmates.  The Benzie County Jail is operated under the direction of Sheriff of Benzie County, specifically pursuant to Michigan law.  Further the Administrative Rules for Jails and Lockups, as established by the Michigan Department of Corrections, shall serve as the primary operational guide.

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