Building Dept. Code & Safety

Contact Information Days of Inspections 
Phone: 231-882-9673
24 Hour inspection request line...231-882-9674

Must be called in by 3:30 pm to be scheduled for next available inspection date.

Building: Monday - Friday 
Mon, Wed, & Friday
Plumbing & MechanicalTuesdays & Thursdays Only! 
Personnel Permit Applications:
Bert Gale - Building Official, Electrical Inspector, Plan review, Soil erosion
Jim Zimmerman  - Building Inspector, Plan review, Soil erosion. 231-383-0043
Dave Salzer - Electrical Inspector. 231-392-3413
Dean Eldred — Mechanical & Plumbing Inspector, Plan review. 231-660-4990
Jessica Ayers -Secretary
Sarah Rainey-Knapp - Assistant

Location / Address
Lower Level of Government Center
Building & Soil Erosion Department 
448 Court Place
Beulah, MI 49617
Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Addressing Information

Did you know there is a county ordinance for homes to have visible address signs from the street? The Benzie County Equalization Department along with the Boy Scouts of America Troop 10 have a simple way to make this happen. The signs will be made and placed for you. Just click on the Boy Scout Troop 911 Sign Form below or stop into the Equalization Department for an application. Please allow up to 8 weeks for installation. In an emergency, every second counts. This is a way to help us help you. Any questions? Please call the Equalization Department at (231) 882-0013.

Services Offered

  • Issuance of Construction and Demolition, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing permits
  • Plan reviews
  • Inspections of construction projects (all trades) for compliance with State Codes
  • State Code enforcement
  • Soil Erosion management (soil erosion ordinance)

This Department is responsible for administration and enforcement of the state code or codes, in Benzie County and Springdale Township in Manistee County, with regards to inspections pertaining to new construction, existing buildings, accessory structures, remodels, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, demolition and maintenance of existing buildings.

The Benzie County Building Safety and Code Enforcement Department was established in 1974 with one inspector. We currently have a contract staff of 2 people working full time in the office and 2 contract inspectors to make sure the minimum requirements for the construction industry are being met, as well as the safety and welfare of this County. 

This department currently uses BS&A computer programs for processing permits and doing code enforcement. It is integrated with other departments like Equalization, so we have up to date information on land parcels in Benzie County. 

The Building Official is an individual contracted and appointed by the Board of Commissioners or Township Boards for enforcement of the State codes and to work as an inspector, plan reviewer, and actively engage in the administration and enforcement of adopted building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing codes or any combination of the adopted codes.

Inspectors are responsible for administration and enforcement of the State codes and are registered in compliance with 1986 PA 54, MCL 338.2301 et seq, under the requirements of the applicable building, electrical, mechanical or plumbing code administered and enforced within the governmental subdivision where they are employed. These responsibilities include performing plan reviews and inspections of projects as pertains to their respective fields. Documenting code violations for inspections and making sure letters or correction notices get to the proper applicant or design professional.

The Plan Reviewer is responsible for examining construction documents submitted to determine whether the description on the plans meet the minimum requirements for the applicable code edition and field pertaining to their respective code.

The Secretary/Permit processor is responsible for processing permits, receiving money, assisting customers, transferring building plans, vouchers, answering phones, inputting inspection slips, filing documents, updating contractors on permits and registry with new licenses, and supporting department staff in other areas when needed.

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