Property Fraud Alert

Residents of Benzie County! 

Want to protect your property and/or home?

Sign up for a FREE alert system that will either email, call, or text you to notify you against the possibilities of fraudulently activity that is being committed against your property. Property fraud is happening all around the world that millions of Americans are either losing their home/property or going through lengthy legal battles to settle their property fraud claims. Property fraud can occur when someone records a fraudulent document in the County land records office, that makes it look like they own your home/property without you knowing. 

This alert system is a FREE online public service provided to you by your County Registrar. The system will notify you when a document is recorded in Benzie County. 

Benzie County and Benzie County Register of Deeds will take all appropriate measures to safeguard the integrity of the land records. 

Please contact your local Register of Deeds office for any questions by calling 231-882-0032. Or go to to sign up for the FREE Alert.

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