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Phone:  231-882-0554
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Lower Level
Government Center
448 Court Place
Beulah, MI 49617
 Monday — Friday
8:00 a.m. to noon
1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Office hours include field work.     Please leave a message  and your call will be returned.

Services Offered

  • 24 / 7 Residential Recycling
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collections
  • Electronics & Scrap Tire Collections
  • Community Educational Programs
  • Business Cardboard Recycling Services
  • Green Benzie Business Recycling Initiative
  • Fishing Line Collection Program
  • Illegal Dumpsite Clean Up


Benzie County is committed to environmental health through recycling opportunities, household hazardous waste & electronic equipment collections, and educational programs. The Recycling Program provides alternatives to residents and businesses to properly dispose of solid waste and keep it out of the landfill whenever possible.

Single Stream Recycling Comes to Benzie County

Benzie County’s 24/7 residential recycling program continues to get easier for our residents. In addition to expanding the program to accept more items, you may now put all recyclables together in one bin. This is called Single Stream Recycling, a new system to increase the ease and convenience of recycling. 

We are making recycling easier for you but there are some guidelines you will need to follow in order for the program to operate in a cost effective manner and keep contamination levels down. Clean tin, aluminum and plastic containers may go in the same bin as paper & flat boxes. You may now recycle all numbers of plastics, #1 through #7. Look on the bottom of plastic containers for a recycling logo triangle with a number inside it and put it in the window of the bin. Plastic bags with a # on them may go in the bin with other recyclables. This is all part of the single stream recycling program.

Here’s what you can recycle together in one bin:

Clean tin & aluminum containers
All numbers of plastic including plastic bags
Paper and flat boxes including magazines & junk mail
Aseptic packaging (juice boxes, milk cartons)
Polystyrene packaging that has a #6 on it (clean take out packaging, produce trays, cups, etc.)
Shredded paper and mixed paper can still be placed in the bin inside a paper bag.
All colors glass bottles and jars.
Never put any household trash or construction material in a recycling bin. Never leave anything on the ground at a recycling site.

Everyone is asked to continue using the school cardboard trailers when you have a quantity of cardboard to recycle. Students receive money for cardboard collected at the school trailers.

Upgrading our recycling program will increase recycling volumes, reduce waste, cut down on trash disposal cost and save natural resources. You may now recycle more and throw away less. 

You may contact the recycling coordinator at 882-0554 if you have any questions about the new expanded single-stream recycling program.

Recycling Sites

Almira Township Park on Ole’ White Road
Benzonia at Save-A-Lot Shopping Center on US 31
Beulah at Village Municipal Parking Lot
Frankfort at East end of City Boat Launch.  Enter off of 10th St. 
Honor at the Homestead Township Hall
Lake Ann Elementary School on Bronson Lake Road
Thompsonville Village DPW Maintenance Garage on County Road 669

“Cash for Cardboard” Recycling Program

A community program to collect and recycle corrugated cardboard is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Frankfort High School, Benzie Central High School, Betsie Valley Elementary School and Lake Ann Elementary School. Packaging Corporation of America in Manistee provides the trailers and pays students & community groups $50 per ton for cardboard collected at these locations. Businesses, contractors & residents are encouraged to support the youth of Benzie County by bringing clean, flat, corrugated cardboard to these trailers. It is worth the extra effort to recycle at the school trailers.

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

The Benzie County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) meets quarterly to address the goals and objectives established in the Benzie County Solid Waste Plan and to oversee the countywide 24/7 Residential Recycling Program. Continuous correspondence and communication is maintained between the SWAC and the recycling coordinator in addition to the regular meetings. The SWAC is kept informed of all activities of the coordinator and of the program. Recommendations of operation are made by the SWAC to the Benzie County Board of Commissioners for final approval and action.

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