Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance/ALS)

Contact Information Location / Address
Emergencies, dial: ..911

Non Emergencies
Medical Director: 
Office: 231-882-0036
Cell:     231-383-5779 
There are three EMS
stations in the county:

• Station 1 (Beulah)
• Station 2 (669/US-31) 
• Station 3 (Frankfort)
Personnel  Hours
Thomas King – Emergency Medical Services Director
Calvin Dennis - QA Coordinator
Chris Parrish - QA/Education Coordinator
Lenny Merrill - Education Coordinator
Matt Delzio - Supply/Fleet Management Coordinator
24 hours a day,
7 days a week, 
365 days a year

Services Offered

  • 911 RESPONSE. This service is made up of Medical First Responders (MFR), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), and Paramedics (Advanced Life Support).

    EMS personnel respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in all weather conditions. Crews respond to all medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, or other traumatic events, wherever they are needed by the residents of Benzie County.

  • Emergency Medical Service Programs
  • CPR Training


Your Emergency Medical system is made up of many components. These include the emergency medical crews, firefighters, hospital staff, dispatch center, sheriff's department, and regional medical control. There are many committees, individuals, and government agencies that allow the service to operate and be maintained. 

Emergency medical crews are generally made up of three groups:

  1. Medical First Responders (MFR) are trained in basic first aid, CPR, and operations of the emergency system.

  2. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) 

  3. EMT`s receive specialized training in the treatment of all types of medical and traumatic injuries. They are responsible for medication administration and are trained in the use of automated defibrillators, and advanced airway procedures. EMT`s also have clinical placement in emergency departments and with local ambulance services. The course is approximately 110 hours with additional placement time. EMT`s earn State and national licensure which must be maintained with continuing education.


(Please keep checking back as we continually look to update programs for county residence


CPR courses are available upon request.  Contact EMS Director at 231-383-5779.


Have ever been interested in EMS either as a volunteer or as a career? If so, please contact Benzie County EMS, or your local township fire department for more information on available courses. There is always more room for those interested in helping their community.

PARAMEDICS (Advanced Life Support)

Paramedics are advanced medical providers within the EMS system and are responsible for overseeing care at emergency scenes. Paramedics receive specialized training in EMS operations, medical, and trauma care, advanced airway procedures, medication administration, I.V. administration, cardiac monitoring, and treatment, as well as continuing education in all areas. Paramedic courses last at least two years and include hundreds of hours in a clinical placement in different hospital departments, as well as placement with ambulance services with training under the supervision of field preceptors. Paramedics earn State and national licensure which must be maintained with continuing education. Paramedics operate under the direct supervision of the local emergency department physicians with established protocols and procedures.


We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most major insurance carriers. Cost is determined by the level of care provided.

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