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Crystal Surveying, LLC
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Register of Deeds
Benzie County Gov. Center
448 Court Place
Beulah, MI 49617
John B..Smendzuik – County Surveyor
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Benzie County Remonumentation Program
Source for Survey information for the County and State


The office of the Benzie County Surveyor has been in existence since 1869. Past office holders have included the following:

Name: Years Served:
George E. Steele  1869-1872
Frank Stanley 1883-1886
Dennis Holden 1887-1890
Frank Haswell 1891-1896
James Pettit 1897-1904
Guy Langford 1905-1906
Frank Haswell 1907-1918
James Pettit 1919-1932
Roswell Wolcott 1933-1938
Henry Kleinhuizen 1949-1960
Harold R. Bruning 1961-1988
John B Smendzuik 1988-Present

This office was originally concerned with the subdivision of public and private lands along with the restoration of Government Land Office corners during the course of those surveys. All records of these surveys are located in the offices of the Benzie County Register of Deeds. 

ACT 345 of 1990 established the State Survey and Remonumentation Act. Since 1993, Benzie County has had a County Remonumentation Plan in effect. The County Surveyor has been in charge of activities as designated by Act 345 and the Benzie County Plan. This plan has mainly been involved with the relocation, history, preservation, and placement of standardized monuments at all original Government Land Office corners (GLO) in the County. Since the inception of the plan in 1993, approximately 642 GLO corners have been preserved in Benzie County. Also 25 of these corners have had State Plane coordinates determined for their positions. This effort is ongoing in Benzie County and the State of Michigan.

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