Planning Commission

Benzie County does not have countywide zoning and it does not administer planning and zoning for the local units of government within the County. If you are seeking specific planning or zoning information for a township, village, or the City of Frankfort, please contact the local unit of government directly. 

Township Zoning Review

Each township, village, and city in Benzie County administer their own zoning and planning. In accordance with the Michigan Planning Enabling Act and the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, the County Planning Commission may provide recommendations on master plans and zoning ordinances to units of government within the County. The County Planning Commission and staff will conduct a review prior to the recommendation. The recommendation allows the county planning commission to coordinate planning and zoning efforts by:

  1. Providing constructive feedback that will be helpful to the local unit of government.
  2. Establishing a dialog with local units of government on planning and zoning issues.
  3. Tracking plans and ordinances that become resources for other communities.
  4. Aid in coordinating proposed plans, zoning ordinances, or zoning ordinance amendments by any township within Benzie County with the plans and zoning ordinances of neighboring townships, cities, or villages, and ensuring an overall common approach to land use policy within the County.
The County does not have authority over local planning and zoning and does not administer zoning for local governments. Reviews are for advisory and coordination purposes only. The Planning Commission has adopted a policy providing guidance on review procedures, available here. 

The Benzie County Administrator's Office handles all FOIA requests for the BCPC.

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