Jury Board


The Jury Board shall meet annually in the month of May. During the meeting the Jury Board will select names from the list of driver licenses and personal identifications which is provided by the Secretary of State. These jurors will be used over the next one year period and will be drawn quarterly. The Jury Board consists of three members who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners on recommendations of the Chief Circuit Court Judge for a six-year term. Not more than 2 members shall be from the same political party.

Contact Person

Name: Tammy Bowers, Benzie County Clerk
Phone: 231-882-9671


Dates & Time: Quarterly at a time and date set by the Board.

Location: County Clerk's Office
448 Court Place
Beulah, Michigan 49617

On file in the County Clerk's Office

Associated County Department

Benzie County Clerk's Office

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