Human Services Board (Maples)


County Department of Human Services (DHS) Boards are established by Public Act 280 of 1939, as amended. The Board duties are outlined in this act and consist of supervising and being responsible for the operations of the County Medical Care Facility and any social services functions financed by the County as well as oversight of the County Department of Human Services and involved in the selection and evaluation of the County DHS Director. The DHS Board is a member of the Michigan County Social Services Association (MCSSA), which, as mandated by Public Act 280, appoints an advisory committee to advise the director of the State Department of Human Services. The County DHS Board is required to have monthly meetings and to be involved with the district and state committees of MCSSA. MCSSA’s full membership meets twice a year; in March for the legislative conference in Lansing and in late summer for the summer conference. District III of MCSSA meets five times a year.


Dates & Time: 4th Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m.

Meetings: 2024 Schedule of Meetings

Location: The Maples Medical Care Facility
210 Maple Street
Frankfort, MI 49635

Minutes: Available from our Secretary, or at the Maples Medical Care Facility.

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