Animal Control

Contact Information Location / Address
Phone: 231-882-9505 Animal Control Building
543 Michigan Avenue (US-31)
Beulah, MI 49617
Personnel Shelter Hours

Animal Control Director – Kyle Maurer
Animal Shelter Attendent - Megan Bock
Clerk - Lori Lautenbach
Monday - Friday:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Closed Noon - 1pm for Lunch

Periodic Saturday Hours:
10 am to 12 p.m.
(Animal Adoptions only)

Services Offered

Handles complaints regarding dogs and livestock, enforces all State and County animal care laws, and sponsors the adoption program of dogs and cats to the public.


Mission Statement – To balance the public health, safety, and welfare needs of the citizens and domestic animals in Benzie County by responsibly and humanely enforcing animal-related laws; provide nourishment and a safe environment for impounded domestic animals; educate the public about responsible companion animal ownership; investigate cases where animal care is inadequate; and find new loving homes for homeless animals at the shelter. We understand that warehousing animals for the sake of saving them from humane euthanasia is not in the public’s or animal’s best interest. We know it is not possible to save all animals in Benzie County. We are committed to the highest performance standards, ethical conduct, truthfulness, and moral behavior in our work with people and animals.

The Animal Control Building was built in 1993 through the cooperative efforts of several fund raisers and the support of the Benzie County community. The building can house up to 20 adult dogs and 8 adult cats on an ongoing basis.

The Benzie County Animal Control Office deals with complaints on dogs and livestock on a daily basis, enforcing State and County animal care laws. The staff averages approximately 500 such complaints annually.

Animal Adoptions – During the course of an average year the Animal Control staff adopt out approximately 150 dogs and 120 cats. Persons who adopt an animal from the shelter are provided with a certificate which covers a percentage of spay or neutering surgery. The Animal Welfare League of Benzie County sponsors this program. Their Web site is:




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