85th District Court

Contact Information

Phone: 231-882-0019
FAX: 231-882-0022
Probation Officer 231-882-0858


Honorable John D. MeadJudge
Walter E. Armstrong, Magistrate
Kimberly D. Nowak, Court Adm.
Amanda O'Brien, Court Reporter/Deputy Magistrate
Lisa Kenner, Probation Officer
Kim Long-Miller & Kaitlyn McPherson, Clerks

Location / Address
Upper Level
Government Center
448 Court Place
Beulah, MI 49617
Normal Business Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(exc major holidays)

The Government Center and Court Offices are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

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The jurisdiction of the 85th District Court is:
  • Municipal civil infractions
  • Traffic civil infractions
  • Misdemeanor criminal offenses
  • Landlord / tenant relations
  • Civil lawsuits where the amount in controversy is not more than $25,000
  • Small claims hearings
  • Civil weddings
PLEASE NOTE: The court is happy to provide you with forms and routine information regarding filing but court personnel are restricted by law from giving legal advice.
Visit: Michigan Legal Help

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