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Public Act No. 270 of 2010 (“Act 270”) authorizes local units of government to adopt Property
Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) programs to promote the installation of energy efficiency
improvements and renewable energy systems by owners of commercial or industrial property within
a district designated by the local unit of government. Act 270 allows private commercial lenders to
finance energy projects; authorizes local units of government to issue bonds, notes and other
indebtedness; and authorizes the assessment of properties for the cost of the energy projects. Act
270 provides for repayment to the local unit of government or the private lender through a
voluntary property assessment. The property assessment remains with the property and has the
same priority as other property tax and assessment liens in the event of foreclosure.

Lean & Green MichiganTM (“LAGM”) has developed a collaborative approach to PACE programs for
local units of government by standardizing the administrative and legal process under which PACE
programs are created and managed. Many local units of government throughout the state joined have
or are in the process of joining LAGM utilizing a “shared services” approach to eliminate upfront and
ongoing program costs and duplication. Further, this approach creates one efficient statewide market,
allowing property owners, lenders and clean energy contractors to utilize a standardized process as
they employ PACE financing in multiple jurisdictions throughout the state.

This documentation package includes the report required by Section 9 of Act 270 and provides model
forms of documents for the PACE program. As many of the details of a PACE transaction are
determined on a project-specific basis, adjustments to the model documents may be required to fit a
particular transaction. Additionally, there are several blanks left in the documents that should be
filled in when the corresponding information is known.

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